VPOs delivered

A dwelling is considered a VPO when the autonomous community in which it is located verifies that it complies with a series of characteristics regarding maximum dimensions and maximum sale price, by means of the “provisional qualification” of the Project and subsequent “definitive qualification” of the finished dwelling. The price of subsidized apartments will therefore be lower than that of free housing, but they will have to be used as permanent and regular housing for families with incomes below a certain amount.

The maximum sale or rental price, the maximum income of the buyers, as well as other additional requirements, will be established by the different autonomous communities, and will depend on the type of protection that the home has, the municipality where the home is located and the legislation in force at the time the home obtains the “provisional qualification.” In addition to the improvement in price with respect to free housing, acquiring a subsidized home implies the possibility of obtaining a series of financial aid (agreed loans).

In the case of privately promoted subsidized flats, the promotion is in charge of marketing the homes to all those interested who meet the requirements according to the type of housing.

The autonomous communities may set additional requirements to qualify for a VPO, but in general, the requirements to qualify for subsidized flats are as follows:

  • That we have not previously been granted subsidized flats in Spain, unless we can demonstrate that the one we enjoy is clearly inadequate for our personal or family circumstances.
  • Not owning a vacant home.
  • In any case, we need to be registered in a public registry of claimants, created and managed by the autonomous communities.
  • Have a minimum family income.

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